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Prof Colin Riordan presenting the award to Matthew Allen Early career researcher wins inaugural communication award

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Matthew Allen, a PhD student here at the School of Physics and Astronomy has been recognised by world-leading company Elsevier for his creative and personal approach to communicating astrophysics research to the public.

Hunt for Einstein's "elusive" gravitational waves begins

Monday 5th October 2015

Cardiff University researchers begin their search for tiny ripples in space.

Hubble Space Telescope detailed images of individual galaxies First direct evidence of galaxy ‘metamorphosis’

Tuesday 1st September 2015

A team of international scientists, led by astronomers from the School of Physics and Astronomy, have shown for the first time that galaxies can change their structure over the course of their lifetime …

Student satisfaction at an all-time high

Monday 17th August 2015

The latest NSS reports a 96% student satisfaction rate for Physics and Astronomy students.


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The School has a strong reputation for hosting scientific conferences. conferences page

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