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Teaching Resources and Information

In this section you will find teaching resources for students and useful links.

Absence and Extenuating Circumstances Handbooks and Other Information
Extenuating Circumstances Form (English)
Extenuating Circumstances Form (Cymraeg)
Formulae booklet
Extenuating Guidance Notes (English)
Extenuating Guidance Notes (Cymraeg)
Extenuating Guidance Advice
Year 1 Lab manual (2016-17)
Modules & Exams Programme Information
Module Catalogue 2016-17
DRAFT Module Catalogue 2017-18
Assessment Criteria
Student Handbook Scheme Specification
Exams Outside Cardiff Leaflet
Projects Timetables
Year 3 Project Handbook UG Spring Timetable 2016-17
Year 4 Project Handbook
Year 3 Project Catalogue
Year 4 Project Catalogue
Year 3 Selection Sheet
Year 4 Selection Sheet