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Research in the School of Physics and Astronomy

The CMP group operates at the cusp between fundamental physics and development of device concepts and brings together scientists with complementary skills, to share knowledge and resources and provide training for the next generation. Group activity can be further subdivided into the research themes:

The Astronomy & Astrophysics group studies a range of topics in galactic and extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, including theory, observation and the development of related instrumentation. Major areas include: observations of high-redshift galaxies and their cosmological evolution; theoretical, computational and observational studies of the formation of stars and planets; design and construction of astronomical instrumentation for ground and space-based observatories; and theoretical work on the early Universe its large-scale structure.

The Gravitational Physics Group searches for gravitational waves from supernovae, binary neutron stars and binary black holes. The Group's theoretical research is focused analytical and numerical modeling of the dynamics of binary black holes and the gravitational wave signals they emit. The group also works on developing the science case for future detectors such as the European underground detector called Einstein Telescope and space-based eLISA mission.

Many of the intellectual breakthroughs of modern times were obtained by crossing disciplinary boundaries and many of society's major problems, such as environmental issues and healthcare, require integrated approaches from different disciplines.

Scientists from the Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy are making use of their core skills to address problems in a number of other subject areas, including the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and music.

The School also provides teaching in three very successful and popular cross-discipline degree schemes; Physics with Music and Physics with Medical Physics and an MSc. in Biophotonics.

News and Opportunities

PhD Places

The School of Physics and Astronomy is a great place to study for a PhD or our taught MSc programmes.

Job Opportunities

Current vacancies in the School can be found in Cardiff University’s Online Recruitment Service.

Research Seminars

The School holds a number of Colloquia, Research Seminars and Discussion Groups at various levels. Here is a list of talks in next four weeks